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Commercial Insurance

Commercial Insurance

Top Notch Insurance Agency LLC is proudly aware that in the heart of Texas there is a hardworking business community providing products and services to Texans and visitors. With this in mind, we specialize in commercial insurance that strives to offer coverage tailored to your needs. Some of our products include:

Commercial General Liability

General liability insurance saves you from financial losses resulting from injury, damages, or medical costs caused by your business to a third party. Under this, we provide the following coverage:

  • Bodily harm: if a client comes to visit your premises or uses one of your products and is injured, the policy covers the medical expenses that arise.
  • Property damage: when a client visits and his/her property is damaged, or your business causes losses to another party's capital; this covers financial claims that may arise. The coverage can also include data lost in the process.
  • Personal injury: this covers the costs incurred should your business be sued by a third party for image deformation. In most cases, it results from employee negligence.

Professional Liability Insurance

This policy is also referred to as errors and omissions coverage. It safeguards your business from costs resulting from your advice or services.

A dissatisfied client can launch complaints against your company’s services arguing that it did not meet their expectations. It also covers errors and omissions made by your employees.

Business Owners Policy

This coverage is made for business persons who want not only general liability coverage but also property. This is paramount if you have expensive equipment that you want to be covered. The policy goes beyond machinery to include:

  • Data lost
  • Fire and interruption
  • Non owned automobile liability cover
  • Business coverage for dishonest employees

Whether you are in small businesses or big, our commercial insurance coverage ensures you continue making money despite uncertain occurrences. We have ascertained all risks and are confident that we have you covered in Texas. At Top Notch Insurance Agency, LLC, we want to provide you with the insurance you need. Please give us a call at your convenience for an inquiry or a quote.