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Protecting your family and assets is an excellent step as it ensures a smooth running of your home. Top Notch Insurance Agency, LLC offers you the best when it comes to home insurance in Texas. We understand the state’s requirement and thrive to give you a comprehensive coverage that suits your specific needs. Home insurance includes most of your investments. We strive to ensure that you have your desired peace of mind by providing a wide range of home insurance coverage which includes:

Personal property coverage

This policy pays for the repair or replacement of the items in your house. These may consist of furniture, appliances, and clothing. It caters for their repair or replacement if they are damaged or stolen.

Liability coverage

This policy is vital, and a must-have. At times, it is hard to prevent accidents, and no matter how hard you try to, they tend to occur from time to time. This coverage caters for the legal fees if you get sued by a person who gets injured when in your home. In a case where your dog bites a neighbor’s child or a visitor falls and gets injured in your home, it will cater for medical expenses and legal fees if the victim sues you.

Medical payments

This policy pays for your medical expenses which may include injuries that happen away from your home. It protects every family member involved in the insurance contract.

Accommodation and hotel expenses

Take a scenario where your house requires repair or renovation. The house may become uninhabitable, and you may have to look for a place to stay for the time being. This coverage caters for the expenses like hotel and lodging for the days spent away from home.

Other structures

The policy protects other buildings and structures that are not attached to your house which may include a garage and fences.

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