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Other Insurance

Other Insurance

How much is your insurance coverage in Texas? Are you spending too much money? Maybe it is time to review your insurance provider. Top Notch Insurance Agency, LLC offers state of the art risk management solutions aimed at protecting your investment properties. We take pride having many years of experience in defending business and personal assets. All our product portfolios are tailored to suit your needs.

What Other Insurance Do We Offer?

Real Estate Investor Portfolio Insurance

For real estate developers and investors, we understand the risk associated with the program. The industry is not only dynamic but also uncertain with natural disasters and premises liability. From the onset of your project to closure, our professionals will help you get the right policies.

Some of the real estate insurance options we offer are:

  • Resort, hotels, and motels insurance
  • Industrial structures, warehouses, and office buildings
  • Apartment buildings, homeowners, and renters coverage

Business Auto and General Liability Insurance

We understand and acknowledge that getting the right insurance for your business is not a piece of cake. This has been worsened by the numerous terms used. Moreover, our auto insurance is suitable for those operating a fleet of vehicles for business. We also offer coverage for personal cars.

Our general liability coverage includes:

  • Property coverage: damage to a third party’s property.
  • Medical coverage: medical costs that you are held responsible.
  • Advertising Injury: paramount when you are sued for slander or libel

Professional Liability Insurance

Our professional liability insurance is tailored towards businesses that offer unique products or services based on errors and omissions. If your company provides advisory or services, you don't have to bear costs as a result of negligence or lawsuit damages awarded to a client. Through Texas General Insurance, we will have you protected from such risks.

At Top Notch Insurance Agency, LLC, we value our clients. We understand that different clients have unique reasons that need customized policies in Texas. You can contact us for more information by calling or visiting our offices. You can also use our online rating tool for home and auto insurance.