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Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella Insurance with Top Notch Insurance Agency

If you want to feel secure about the protection of your property and assets in Texas, you may need an extra level of security by getting an umbrella insurance policy. Umbrella coverage gives you an additional layer of liability which provides you with extra peace of mind. Nowadays, it seems hard to evade lawsuits. Anyone can be sued for any reason. You, therefore, need to be prepared in a case where another person is injured in your compound or in a situation where you damage another person's property.

If the limit of your liability coverage on your auto or home insurance is exceeded, your umbrella insurance policy will take over and provide you with additional protection. Top Notch Insurance Agency, LLC provides you with umbrella insurance, and although it cannot stop a tragedy, it prevents you from sinking through the troubles.

Know if you have enough liability coverage

Liability under standard insurance coverage is responsible for protecting you against bodily injuries and property damage. It helps you pay for medical expenses in case of an accident. It also caters to repairs and replacement of damaged property. Umbrella insurance, however, goes beyond that to pay for other things that are not included in the standard coverage.

What is protected under personal umbrella policy?

Take a scenario where a visitor slips and falls in your home or an accident occurs on your rental property. Also, take a case where you are liable for a car crash, and you have to compensate the affected. If such claims happen, you need to be adequately insured so that you can come out of the situation without using your in-pocket funds. There are chances that your current liability coverage will not be enough to protect you.

This policy protects you, your spouse, and any other family members included in the contract. The policy comes with lower premiums than the standard premium, but it provides you with higher protection. Each coverage is unique depending on specific needs. Reach out to us today and learn how to protect yourself. Contact Top Notch Insurance Agency, LLC to get a quote and learn more regarding umbrella insurance in Texas.